Covid will be with us 'FOREVER' – Sir Patrick Vallance issues chilling lockdown warning

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During the Downing Street press conference today, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser joined Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Professor Chris Whitty. But Sir Patrick issued a terrifying warning about the future of the virus.

Sir Patrick said: “This is a virus that is going to be with us forever.

“If you look back and look at the increases we are seeing now in hopitalisations.

“If we did not have the vaccination we have got we would be looking at a question of is more lockdown needed.

“We are in a position now where we are in a race against the virus.”

He continued: “And the vaccines need to get ahead of it.

“And if you are in a race with somebody you do not suddenly assist them in putting the afterburners on so they can out-pace you.

“And so that is really what we need to do. And the four-week delay should reduce the peak whatever it would be by something between 30 and 50 percent.” 

Sir Patrick’s comments come after the Prime Minister announced a four-week delay to the easing of restrictions.

More to follow…

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