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Cruise: Sneak-a-peek the 'billionaire' private 'paradise island' reserved for cruise guest


Channel 4 is set to air its documentary “Billionaire Cruise Ship: Paradise Island” this evening. The documentary takes an up-close-and-personal look at the private island of Ocean Cay, set in the “azure waters of the Bahamas”.

The private island, owned by cruise line MSC, is exclusive to cruise guests and offers a luxurious stop off on some of the world’s most opulent cruise itineraries.

The Bahamian island is set just 65 miles from the coast of Florida and doubles up as a marine reserve.

Previously an industrial sand extraction site, the island was restored to a stunning slice of paradise, which is now a stop off for cruisers.

The 120-square-acre island is surrounded by a marine reserve, as well as four smaller cays which boast sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

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A 30-metre tall lighthouse is home to the Lighthouse bar and terrace, where guests can enjoy drinks live music and stunning vistas.

Meanwhile, in the marina, there is Springer’s bar, established by the well-known Bahamian family The Springers.

There guests can sip on some authentic cocktails while they watch the world go by.

For food, Seakers Buffet is on hand, where dishes encapsulate both “American classics” and “Bahamian flavours”.

Alternatively, guests may take the opportunity to zen out in pristine surroundings with a yoga class at either sunrise or sunset.

An array of shops are also scattered across the island, allowing visitors to purchase a souvenir to remember the experience by, including locally made arts and crafts.

Ocean Cay first welcomed guests to the island in November 2019.

Though cruises may be on hold for now, MSC already has a number of ocean cruises for sale which encapsulate a trip to this opulent island as part of the journey.

Billionaire Cruise Ship: Paradise Island is on Channel 4 this evening at 7:00pm


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