Daily horoscope for May 24: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


    The Moon will spend the day in the star sign of Scorpio. This will give you some intense feelings, but you might wish to explore them. The Scorpio Moon will awaken a passion within you that you might not have felt for a little while.

    Use that energy to take a risk and release some of that intensity.

    The Scorpio Moon will also interact with Jupiter, which will add to your passion.

    The Moon and Uranus will be in opposition, which can throw up some surprises.

    Confront any issues that arise head-on, and you will be in store for a fun-filled Monday.

    Saturn will square with the Moon, which could bring some unresolved issues to light.

    Thankfully, the Scorpio Moon will give you a cool head to deal with any lingering problems.

    Venus and Uranus will form a conjunction, which could give a boost to your love life.

    Uranus always provides surprises, whether that it to do with love, happiness and your career.

    However, whether these surprises are positive or not remains to be seen.

    Horoscope Friends said: “Feelings run deep and can be intense, but you might quite enjoy this chance for a walk on the wild side.

    “The Scorpio Moon may reveal your natural sizzle, and its tie to Jupiter has a romantic and mystical quality.

    “Watch out though, as someone could be a bit too free and easy with your secrets, and that won’t go down well.

    “It’s also a day to expect the unexpected, as there can be a surprise in store.

    “Feel like shopping? While buying on impulse could be fun, you may go a little too far and regret it.”


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