Dan Wootton hails Italian 'raging drivers' as motorists deal with 'eco terrorists'


    Dan Wootton has praised Italian motorists who took the law into their own hands and pulled members of Extinction Rebellion Italia out of the middle of the motorway they were blocking. The former executive editor of The Sun is a frequent critic of environmental groups such as Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain who block roads or cause other incovencies to the public branding them “eco terrorists.”

    Mr Wootton reflected that if British environmental protesters thought they received a “hard time” from UK motorists they should see what happened to their Italian counterparts.

    He said: “If the mob in this country think they’ve been getting a hard time from motorists.

    “Then they should see what happens to their Italian counterparts when they wine in the middle of the road.

    “So raging drivers near Rome took matters into their own hands with brute force when motorways were blocked by Extinction Rebellion Italia on the morning commute.”

    The Kiwi journalist they showed viewers footage of Italian motorists confronting the eco protesters, swearing at them and finally dragging them off the motorway.

    Mr Wootton was full of praise of the antics of the motorists arguing that the situation had been resolved without the involvement of the police.

    He said: “And would you look at that the traffic started moving again without a police officer in sight.

    “I love it, well done to the Italians.”

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    In a tense moment a driver accelerates towards a protester who narrowly moves out of the way to avoid being mowed down.

    Another raging motorist tore the group’s banner away fuming: “Let’s get rid of this banner for f*** sake, I need to go to work, I don’t care what you’re doing here.”

    The activists finally moved out of the way when an ambulance arrived, unblocking the motorway.


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