Delta variant map: UK sees 46% rise in Delta as 35,000 new cases confirmed – latest data


    County Durham, which previously had no Delta cases, has seen the situation deteriorate with 594 new cases recorded, equating to a 118.1 percent increase and bringing the total number to 1,097, or 206.9 of every 100,000 people.

    Cases down south aren’t much better, with London and Reading seeing a spike within the same period of time.

    In Greater London, Wandsworth has seen cases rise 8.8 percent with 33 additional cases, bringing it to a total of 407, equal to 123.5 cases in every 100,000 residents.

    The London Borough of Southwark has seen things go from bad to worse, with a 28.1 percent increase amid 85 new confirmed cases.

    Southwark’s total now stands at 387 cases, or 121.4 of every 100,000 people who call the borough home.

    PHE’s data suggests Reading is experiencing a spike, with a 29.9 percent increase in confirmed Delta cases amid a jump of 52 new infections.


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