Denise Welch rages at Piers Morgan's U-turn after their huge row 'Are you f**king joking?'


    At the time, Piers not only held this belief, but shared it with others via social media. In one tweet from July 2021, Piers wrote: “So utterly disgusting.These anti-vaxxers are vile, callous, unhinged & stupid menaces.”

    In another he said that anti-vaxxers who required hospital treatment for Covid should be made to pay for treatment themselves in accordance with their “own stupidity & selfishness.”

    It is behaviour such as this that Denise had attacked in her most recent tweet.

    Explaining the U-turn in his thinking, Piers went on to say: “When it was established that vaccines actually didn’t stop transmission, they just stopped people from getting very sick and dying, the argument to suppress any liberties and freedoms, to me, went away.

    “Because it is down to the individual if they want to protect themselves against the virus, so I changed my mind.

    “I got pilloried when I said my original statement, I got pilloried when I changed my mind, I got pilloried about all of it and to me it seemed perfectly logical to change my mind because facts changed.”


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