Derek Chauvin trial live: Woman who was dating George Floyd called to testify, recounts their first meeting

MINNEAPOLIS — The woman who was in a relationship with George Floyd for three years took the witness stand Thursday morning, recounting their first kiss, first date and final phone call to jurors in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Jurors listened to her personal, emotional testimony after sitting through hours of police body-camera videos Wednesday. The videos showed that, moments after Chauvin took his knee off of Floyd’s neck, he defended his actions to a bystander.

The bystander, Charles McMillian, 61, broke down sobbing on the witness stand as he recounted his memories of last Memorial Day. Videos shown to the jurors reveal McMillian confronted Chauvin as the ambulance carrying Floyd pulled away from the scene, sirens blaring. McMillian told Chauvin he didn’t respect what Chauvin had done.

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