Desperate Biden bid to save Democrat seats with big Republican midterm landslide predicted


    Joe Biden has been forced to resort to target seats the Democrats already hold in the midterm election as he desperately bids to prevent a Republican landslide victory. The latest US monthly tracker polling for by the Washington DC based Democracy Institute comes out tomorrow but already Mr Biden’s Democrats are staring at defeat next Tuesday.

    With Donald Trump preparing to launch his election bid for 2024 on the back of Republican gains in the midterms the beleaguered US President who beat Trump in 2020 has gone into damage limitation mode.

    Associated Press (AP) in the US has reported Mr Biden is now focussing on Democrat incumbents as a last ditch hope to prevent the Republicans getting a big majority in the House of Representatives and a majority in the Senate.

    AP reportedBiden is kicking off a four-state, three-day campaign swing on Thursday to support Democrats in competitive races in solidly blue California, Illinois and New Mexico as well as battleground Pennsylvania, where Biden has deep roots.

    Hopes that bringing out former US President Barack Obama to lead a late charge last weekend has apparently failed to move the dial as Americans angry over the cost of living with inflation as the number one political issue are prepared to punish the current Democrat administration.

    Inflation is the top concern of 22 percent of Americans according to the Democracy Institute poll at the end of last month and 65 percent of Americans disapprove his Mr Biden’s handling of the economy.

    Already 55 percent believe that Trump was a better President with “buyers remorse” from the 2020 election settling in according to Democracy Institute director Patrick Basham.

    Issues like the Supreme Court’s decision to end the automatic right for abortion for women have also failed to help save the Democrats.

    According to the Democracy Institute the Republicans are set to take control of the Senate with 53 seats to 47 and the House by 250 to 185.

    Other recent polls have pointed to similar projections and with the latest Democracy Institute figures out tomorrow hopes for the Republicans could exceed even earlier expectations.

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    AP suggested that Mr Biden’s itinerary illustrates the limited political clout of a President who has been held at arm’s length by most Democrats in tough races this cycle.

    It also suggests that the President, whose approval rating remains underwater, has concluded that he can be most effective using the waning days before polls close to shore up support for Democratic candidates in areas that he easily won in 2020.

    Mr Basham described Biden as “desperate”.

    Former Trump White House appointee Peggy Grande said the President only has himself to blame.

    She said: “If President Biden would self-reflect and look at the wake of failure surrounding him, perhaps instead of blaming consumers or small business owners or corporate America or the ever-present strawman of racism, he would realize that the string of failures stretching as far as the eye can see, began right at his feet where he tipped that first Dominoe of destruction on Day One of his presidency.”


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    Christopher Borick, director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, told AP: “Democrats are clearly on the defensive and that’s bearing out as the campaign comes to a close. Their chances for gains don’t look realistic, so now you look to what you can preserve. The president’s travel schedule is reflective of where they see this cycle going.”

    Midterm defeats are not unusual for sitting Presidents but this one could open attempts by the REpublicans to open impeachment procedings against Biden following the Democrats’  attempts to impeach Trump.

    Some recent presidents saw big losses in their first midterm races. Republicans under Donald Trump lost 40 House seats but gained two Senate seats in 2018; Democrats under Barack Obama lost 63 House seats and six Senate seats in 2010; and Democrats under Bill Clinton lost 52 House seats and eight Senate seats in 1994.


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