'Distraught' Diana reduced to tears by Bashir's 'betrayal' – ‘How could he be like that?'

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Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales’ former butler, claimed Mr Bashir would call him every week “in vain” to ask about the whereabouts of Diana. The BBC was found to have covered wrongdoing from Mr Bashir in an inquiry, which also found the then-Panorama reporter acted in a ‘deceitful’ way to obtain the interview.

In one phone call the BBC reporter and Mr Burrell had, Diana decided to listen in to hear what was being asked.

Mr Burrell said :”When he rang that day the princess had just come home, and I kept him on the line in case she wanted to talk to him.

“I remember him asking, ‘Is she keeping you busy, is she running your legs off as usual?’

“I heard her steps coming towards my pantry, and as she came in she mouthed, ‘Who is it?’

“I mouthed ‘Martin’ and she went, ‘Shh,’ and put her ear next to mine.”

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Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Mr Burrell claimed Mr Bashir was being “disrespectful” to Diana and asked “has she been out with one of her boyfriends again?”.

Mr Burrell added: “He was complaining she wasn’t taking his calls and wasn’t sharing as much with him as he wanted her to.

“It was a very uncomfortable moment.”

He then said after the phone call with Mr Bashir, Diana was “seeing a different side to him and she was shocked, absolutely gobsmacked by his irreverence.”

The former butler then shared Diana was left emotional by what she overheard.

He told The Sun on Sunday: “Whenever he addressed her in person he was always very polite and would call her ‘Your Royal Highness’. This was, to her, like listening to a different person.

“After I put the phone down, she looked distraught and she said to me, ‘How could he be like that?’ I knew from the look she gave me then that the tide was turned.

“I knew that was the end of her friendship with Martin.

“Then she burst into tears and ran out of the room.

“She was really hurt and she did feel betrayed by him.”


It comes after an inquiry into the BBC’s Panorama interview with Diana found the corporation had fallen short of “high standards of integrity and transparency”.

According to Lord Dyson who carried out the inquiry, Mr Bashir acted in a “deceitful” way and faked documents to obtain the interview.

Lord Dyson found that Mr Bashir deceived Earl Spencer by showing him forged bank statements that falsely suggested individuals were being paid to keep the princess under surveillance.

The inquiry said Mr Bashir had later lied, telling BBC managers he had not shown the fake documents to anyone, and it described significant parts of Bashir’s account of the events of 1995 as “incredible, unreliable, and in some cases dishonest”.

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