Doctor Who’s Sacha Dhawan teases big change to The Master: ‘Keeps you guessing’


    “So, particularly in Spyfall, we’d be, like, ‘Nyah nyah nyah’, and Brad’s regaling us with some, ‘You’ll never guess what I did’, or some kind of story.

    “Then we’d be like, ‘Where’s Sacha?’ And we’re like, ‘Oh yeah. He’s being a professional actor! I’m going to go do that as well!’”

    Jodie and Mandip also remembered Sacha’s first introduction as the Master with particular fondness, as none of the cast knew who he was really playing until the big reveal.

    With Ncuti Gatwa inheriting the keys to the TARDIS next year, the Doctor’s nemesis could also be back in another form to menace the Time Lord through time and space.

    Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor airs Sunday, October 23 at 7:30pm on BBC One.


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