Dog theft warning: Breeds most at risk of being stolen and UK dog crime hotspots

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But how can you make sure your dog doesn’t get stolen?

The number one rule is to always remain vigilant, especially when meeting people you don’t know. Always keep an eye on your dog and don’t let them off the lead unless you know they will come back to you.

It is vital to ensure that your dog is microchipped. Not only this is required by law, but for the dog to be easily identified if they get lost.

Always keep an eye on your dog if your garden can be easily accessed from the street. Even if your garden is secure, make sure all the gates are locked when your dog is playing outside.

Be careful with social media and try to avoid sharing where you live or where you walk your dog.

It is important to consider pet insurance, as some policies cover the costs if your dog gets stolen or goes missing, known as ‘missing pet cover’.

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