Dominic Raab pledges to ‘take the fight to cyber criminals’ following school hack

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The foreign secretary pledged that the UK and US would “lead globally” to counter and crack down on cyber terrorists. Speaking to The Telegraph in Cornwall ahead of the G7 summit, Mr Raab vowed to “take the fight to cyber criminals”.

He said: “We will apply a cost to those that systematically are engaged in cyber attacks for either profit, espionage or to do damage and just wreak chaos.”

He added: “The UK will take the fight to cyber criminals who are extorting businesses, schools and hospitals.”

On Monday, two schools in Kent were forced to close after hackers broke into their servers and encrypted student data.

Following the attack, the academies urged parents to contact their banks to ensure that personal details have not been stolen.

The Foreign Secretary underlined the importance of relations with the US who have also experienced a series of huge cyber hacks.

Mr Raab said: “We want to work with our partners – it’s a shared interest and, frankly, a shared enemy that is conducting these appalling attacks.”

Last month, Russian hackers infiltrated the Colonial Pipeline’s network and crippled fuel delivery to the US east coast.

According to the Colonial Pipeline’s CEO, $5 million in ransom was paid to the criminals one day after the attack.

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In addition, Joe Biden has vowed to raise the issue of cyber attacks with Russian president Vladimir Putin when the leaders meet in Geneva on June 16.

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