'Don't use bleach!' Expert shares natural hack to remove mould from inside washing machine


    Black mould can build up in the washing machine due to water and dirt residue. Laundry expert Deyan Dimitrov, founder of Laundryheap, has shared his top tips on how to get rid of it, leading to your washing machine looking as good as new.

    Gunky, black patches and the smell of mildew are the telltale signs that your machine might be growing mould, leaving you feeling as though your clothes haven’t been properly cleaned despite a wash.

    These unsightly patches can grow in multiple places around your machine, including on the rubber seal of the machine and the detergent tray.

    One of Deyan’s top tips is to “wipe away as much mould as you can using a scourer and white vinegar”.

    He continued: “To get rid of the worst of the mould around the rubber seal of your washing machine, use a scourer and white wine vinegar and give it a good scrub.

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    “Your washing machine tray is removable, so can be cleaned in hot soapy water every now and again to prevent mould from building up around the inside.”

    Cleaning your machine regularly with white vinegar can also help. 2As well as running a hot wash with vinegar every now and then to keep mould at bay, it’s worth cleaning the inside of your washing machine drum and the tray with a dry kitchen towel and some white vinegar to keep mould under control,” Deyan said.

    “You needn’t do this every time you use it, but every one to two weeks should be more than enough.”

    Lastly, Deyan advised “don’t use bleach”, adding: “Although bleach is great for getting rid of mould, any residue left in your machine can damage your clothes and potentially strip them of their colour – no matter how thoroughly you rinse your machine.

    “So get rid of as much mould as you can using white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. If this isn’t working, you can try using a specialist mould and mildew spray, or buy a washing machine cleaning solution that will contain a small amount of bleach.

    “Run this through your machine as per the instructions, instead of risking using neat or diluted bleach.”


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