Drivers could be fined and issued penalty points for travelling this bank holiday weekend


    Experts at Veygo have warned drivers making their first long journey after lockdown could travel without the right insurance policy in place. Many drivers may have cancelled their agreements over lockdown to save money on vehicles they were not using.

    However, with the distractions of the pandemic, road users could have forgotten to renew their cover leading to devastating consequences.

    Gunnar Peters, CEO of Veygo has urged drivers to check their cover before heading out.

    He said there is usually an “increase” in short-term policies taken over the Spring Bank Holiday as drivers desperately secure cover for their trips.

    He said: “After spending months in lockdown, people will no doubt be looking forward to a weekend away or to visit friends and family to make the most of the bank holiday with lockdown restrictions easing.

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    Over the pandemic, the ABI confirmed insurance classes would no longer be relevant to allow drivers to travel freely.

    However, this temporary tweak came to an end on 30 April meaning drivers must cover their car for work trips or could face heavy penalties.

    “If you’re planning to head out on the road this weekend, it’s vital to have the right cover in place.

    “Driving without, or with the wrong kind of insurance could see you hit with six penalty points and a £300 fine, and it’s definitely not a risk worth taking.

    Even if drivers are covered, he warns this would only be third party cover meaning damage on your vehicle may not get fully repaired.

    He has urged drivers to consider short-term or specialist cover to ensure they are protected from any incidents. 

    He added: “If this is the first time you’ll be travelling a long distance in a while, or if you’re planning to use a car you’re unfamiliar with, then it’s also important you’re well prepared.

    “Planning your route ahead, checking the position of the seat and mirrors and taking regular breaks are all good ways to set you up for a smooth journey.”


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