Drivers warned of freezing petrol and five items not to leave in their cars this winter



    Temperatures are expected to plummet this winter, with the Met Office warning of two weeks of “wintry showers” across some parts of the UK. Due to the expected freezing temperatures, items left inside empty vehicles can get damaged so it’s important to be mindful about what not to leave inside cars.


    Although many medications don’t necessarily become harmful when they’re stored in the cold, it can make it difficult to assess whether they will work as expected.

    In the case of insulin, however, there is a bigger impact. Unopened vials of insulin should be stored in the fridge, and once opened, a vial should be stored at room temperature.

    If the insulin does freeze, it will become ineffective and won’t lower the blood sugar as it should and could lead to further health issues.

    Wooden musical instruments

    Colder temperatures make the wood constrict, which is why during the winter guitars, violins or cellos will fall out of tune easily as the instrument becomes cold.

    Leaving these instruments in a car during freezing weather can lead to the wood cracking, however, so it’s definitely worth bringing them inside after a gig, practice, or jam session.

    Drivers should store them away from radiators too, so that their surroundings don’t suffer from extreme changes in cold or heat.

    Keep the fuel tank full

    Keeping the fuel tank over half full can prevent the petrol from freezing, making it easier to get going on a journey.

    Checking how much petrol is in your car is also the perfect time to do a quick check of your tyre pressure, as sometimes colder weather can cause pressure drops in car tyres.

    Drivers are also advised to keep an empty fuel can in their car in case they run out of petrol, they can walk to the nearest petrol station and refill the vehicle.


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