Drunk mum throttles and headbutts young daughter in front of shocked taxi driver


    The woman, who cannot be named to protect the daughter’s identity, had binged on vodka all day at a relative’s house and left with her two girls for home at around 9pm. However, the mum was so intoxicated she insisted the driver had not dropped her off at home despite her daughters telling her they were at the right address.

    The court heard how the mum flew into a fit of rage, strangling and headbutting the youngest daughter. It left both children in tears so the cabbie called police, Hull Live reports.

    Camera footage from the taxi was shown in court and captured the argument taking place between the mum and her daughters.

    When police arrived at the address in Hull, the woman’s behaviour was erratic, being aggressive at one point but then later expressing concern for the welfare of her daughters.

    Officers searched the woman and found a small amount of cannabis. She was arrested at the scene.

    The mum was spared jail and instead given suspended sentences for the two counts of child cruelty and one count of possession of cannabis, which she had admitted.

    Despite calling the incident “ugly”, Recorder Taryn Turner handed 12 months for the first count of child cruelty suspended for two years, and eight months for the second child cruelty offence, also suspended for two years. There was no separate penalty for the cannabis possession.

    Sentencing the woman at Hull Crown Court, she said: “The taxi driver should be applauded for his patience that night during what was an ugly incident.

    “You attacked one daughter while the other was having to try and deal with a mother who was out of control while watching her little sister be assaulted.

    “This was a bad business, particularly for your younger daughter. But I accept you are embarrassed and ashamed of what you did and your remorse is genuine.

    “No doubt you have found being split up from your daughters extremely distressing but they are now back with you.

    “You have no relevant previous convictions, you are remorseful and you are the primary carer for your children.”

    The defendant, who said she doesn’t regularly drink much, consumed a large quantity of vodka there before leaving in the cab.

    Charlotte Baines, prosecuting, said: “The defendant appeared to be struggling with her younger daughter. She then strangled and headbutted her which left a red mark on the girl’s face.

    “The taxi driver decided to call the police after witnessing what happened. But as he rang them the girls told him not to call the police as they didn’t want their mum to go to jail.

    “Both girls were very upset and crying loudly.”

    When the woman was interviewed by police the next morning, she admitted she had drank vodka for much of the day and didn’t normally drink more than a couple of beers each week. She also admitted taking cannabis fairly regularly.

    Dale Brook, representing the woman, told the court the incident was completely out of character.

    He said: “On the one hand her behaviour that night was appalling but ordinarily she is a loving and capable mother.

    “She ended up being without her daughters for several months after this happened and her daughters were split up, staying with different family members.

    “But she has since satisfied social services she is a good mother and they are no back together.

    “She admits her behaviour was appalling and belligerent and she is full of remorse.”


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