DVLA selling exclusive personalised number plates after major September changes


    Taking place over three days at the Oxford Belfry Hotel, DVLA’s Personalised Registration auction is set to include 1,000 unique number plates that have never been sold or issued before. Over three days, registered bidders will be able to bid on a huge variety of unique, never-released personalised registrations on October 19, 20 and 21.

    Notable registrations such as 4 NHS, CHR 61S, V11 RGO and MA21 LYN will be auctioned.

    Football fans will also be able to get their hands on a new plate with F022 EST up for grabs for supporters of Premier League newcomers Nottingham Forest.

    This will be alongside many more registrations which resemble distinctive dates and memorable names.

    Starting prices at the auction for many registrations will begin at £200 and one registration, NXZ 890, is listed with a starting price of just £100.

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    By leaving a maximum absentee bid with DVLA, the team will bid on the individual’s behalf without exceeding their maximum.

    Bidders can place an absentee bid up to an hour before the lot’s estimated start time.

    Bids increase by a minimum of £50 when bidding is below £1,000, and by £100 when bidding is above £1,000.

    If a lot receives no bids, it will be available to purchase at its starting price until 10am on Monday, October 24, and can be purchased directly via dvlaauction.co.uk on a first come, first served basis.

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    All new plates are the new “BS AU 145e” standard, which meet the British Standard for Retroreflective Number Plates.

    The plates are made from a tougher material which makes them more resistant to abrasion and other damage.

    This change was also made to make it easier for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to read the plate.

    Number plates can now only display solid black lettering as two tone plates that used different shades to create a 3D or 4D effect have been banned.

    The lettering can still be Perspex or acrylic lettering, provided it meets all other requirements.


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