EE offers an affordable new way to buy a PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch


    Gamers who fancy taking delivery of a shiny new next-gen console can now spread the cost and get some freebies thrown in as well thanks to a fresh incentive from EE. The UK network has announced the launch of two bundles which offer the PS5 or Nintendo Switch on a monthly payment plan. That means fans can take delivery of these top consoles for as little as £17 per month and only need to pay £10 when ordering.

    Along with the device arriving without a huge upfront fee, there are some added bonuses as these deals also include unlimited mobile gaming data and a Video Data Pass which will reduce the amount of internet access you munch through each month. If you weren’t already aware, the Video Data Pass add-on lets you stream shows and movies from apps such as Netflix and Disney+ without eating into your monthly allowance.

    If that all sounds enticing then here’s how much you’ll pay and what is included in each bundle.


    EE says this deal comes with a PlayStation 5 console and full PlayStation Plus access.

    There’s also that unlimited mobile gaming data and a Video Data Pass available on a £31 per month 24-month contract with £10 upfront – EE is boasting that this will save customers over £400.


    This plan arrives with the latest Nintendo Switch OLED and full access to Nintendo Online. This upgraded portable features an improved screen and better kickstand for playing games on the move.

    Again you get unlimited mobile gaming data and a Video Data Pass available. It costs £17 per month on a 24-month contract with £10 upfront – EE says it’s all worth a combined total of over £800.

    Both of the deals will be available for existing EE users from next week and will join EE’s existing Xbox gaming services. YOU CAN FIND EE’S GAMING PAGE HERE

    Speaking about the new deals, Marc Allera, CEO at EE: “We already offer an unbeatable network, and with the nation gaming more than ever, we have pressed play on our ambition to become the UK’s no.1 for gamers. Moving forward, we’ll look to evolve our network and build on our existing partnerships with the world’s best gaming companies – reviewing the latest exciting new hardware and services, so we can offer gamers new and old, unique and exclusive opportunities to make the most from their gaming experience.”


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