Eggs Benedict recipe: How to make perfect Hollandaise sauce and a poached egg


    The recipe demonstrates how to perfect a Hollandaise sauce for your eggs, and was detailed by Dean Lia.

    Dean shares her recipes on her TikTok account @daenskitchen where she has a huge 1.5M followers and refers to herself as “your go-to olive oil and garlic girl.”

    She said: “We’re getting a little bit fancy with Eggs Benedict,” she said. First, she explained how to make that delicious sauce.

    She said: “For the Hollandaise sauce you need three egg yolks, one tablespoon of water, and half a tablespoon of white vinegar. Whisk until it’s doubled in size.

    “Place your bowl over a pot of boiling hot water and very slowly pour in 250g of melted butter, while whisking it through. “You need to take your time with this so the sauce doesn’t lose its emulsion or break, we want it to look smooth and glossy.

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    “Assemble your Eggs Benedict and enjoy,” she said.

    Daen’s followers chimed in with their responses to the dish, many praising it.

    “Fantastic, my favorite dish ever,” one said, while another said, “Tried this for the first time the other day, it was amazing!”

    Others have their recommendations for how to improve the recipe. One said: “No vinegar! It ruins the flavour and does nothing.”

    Another said: “Sooooo much easier to make the hollandaise in a blender. I’ll never make it another way again.”

    Some discussed splitting sauces, and one said: “My hollandaise sauce always splits…I’ve wasted so many eggs in my life attempting this.”

    “You could use lemon zest instead of juice,” one suggested. “Sometimes hollandaise can easily separate and using zest reduces that risk.”

    For those who struggle with poached eggs, and have an air fryer, help is at hand thanks to this guide on how to make poached eggs in the air fryer.

    Poached eggs are famously tricky. They can easily break, be overdone, or underdone. Classically poached eggs are done in a pan on the hob. This air fryer recipe could simplify things significantly.


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