Egypt hit by plague of scorpions as bizarre 'scorpionado' leaves hundreds hospitalised



    The storms also appear to have flushed scorpions out of their desert homes and onto the streets, where they attacked hundreds of people.

    According to Egypt’s health ministry, 503 people have been treated with anti-venom and everyone has survived.

    Dr Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday that more than 3,000 doses of the anti-venom have been distributed across the region in case of future attacks.

    Ehab Hanafy, the undersecretary of the Health Ministry in Aswan, has said the three reported deaths were “due to storm-related accidents” and not scorpion stings.

    Terrifying video clips and pictures shared on social media show fierce winds and lighting battering the city.


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