Electric car drivers hammered by lack of car parks chargers 'Why can't the UK do better?'


    Commuter car parks in Scotland offered more charging points than in England, with 60 percent of commuter car parks in Scotland assessed having charge points, compared to 44 percent of England’s.

    This mirrors the overall statistics for charge points, with Scotland enjoying 60 charge points per 100,000 people – well above England’s 53.

    Transport makes up more of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector, contributing around 27 percent in 2019.

    Commuting is a huge part of that, with the average car driving 1,800 miles when commuting in 2021.

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    “Fossil fuel car infrastructure has had a century-long head-start, so we need everyone to pitch in to help make the switch as smooth as possible.”

    In August, the Government invested £20million to install EV chargers in nine local authorities across the country.

    More than half of the money pledged will come from the Government’s £450m local EV infrastructure (LEVI) pilot scheme, which supports infrastructure such as on-street chargers and larger charging hubs. 

    The Government said the investment will help to improve access for drivers without access to private driveways for home charging and that it will support EV uptake. 

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    Mr Groot continued, saying: “People who run park and ride stations or business parks should consider introducing new charging infrastructure. 

    “And the Government should move urgently to extend the tax benefit that currently makes leasing new electric cars attractive for employees – which is currently set to run out in 2025.

    “Germany has guaranteed their similar rate until 2030, giving those signing up for multi-year leases a lot more certainty as they are the first into the water while infrastructure is not fully up and running. 

    “Why can’t the UK do the same or better?”

    At the end of October 2022, there were 35,778 electric vehicle charging points across the UK, across 21,378 charging locations. 

    This represents a 35 percent increase in the number of charging devices since October 2021, according to the latest data from Zap-Map.

    However, they do not include the many charge points installed at home or at workplace locations, which are estimated to be more than 400,000. 

    Some of these EV charging points are available to the public in some form via community or visitor charging.


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