Emmanuel Macron tells Boris to 'calm down' after unleashing ultimate insult against UK

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The international meeting has been the subject to a furious Brexit briefing war between Britain and France, with both sides leaking comments to the media about the other’s conduct in a bilateral meeting. Tensions have reached boiling point in recent days over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Britain has been left frustrated by the EU’s implementation of the mechanism, warning excessive customs checks are having a detrimental impact on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.

During talks with Mr Macron at the G7 summit Boris Johnson tried to explain the problems with the Protocol, comparing it to the hypothetical introduction of checks oN goods between Toulouse and Paris.

Mr Macron responded by saying there was a difference because Northern Ireland is a separate country to the rest of the UK.

The comments enraged Boris Johnson and led to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab blasting the EU for a lack of “respect”.

Holding a press conference after the G7 summit, Mr Macron told the UK to stop getting so irate on the issue.

He said: “I’m doing things very calmly.

“I believe that as far as this subject matter is concerned everybody has got to come back to reason.”

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