Emmanuel Macron warned of 'catastrophic ICU overload' if Paris not shut down immediately

Health experts across France have pleaded with Emmanuel Macron to lockdown Paris now or face a catastrophic ICU overload. Speaking to France24, one expert warned France is charging towards a nightmare scenario where over 50 per cent of ICU patients will be under the age of 50. Another physician warned that if Paris is not locked down immediately there will be 30 percent more patients in critical care compared to during the first wave.

One of the dire warnings came from infectious disease specialist Dr Benjamin Davido from Raymond-Poincaré Hospital just outside of Paris where infections are soaring out of control.

The medic said: “If we get to a point where more than 50 per cent of those being admitted are under the age of 50 and we’re nearly there.

“It will be extremely difficult to have to choose between those who are under 50, who are all by definition young.”

On average, in the Ile-de-France region of Paris where the infections are ramping up, ICU’s are treating an average of 1,400 patients a day.

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Professor Jacques Duranteau, who is an anaesthetist in an intensive care unit in the Paris region, expressed his grave concerns as well.

He said: “If there are no further restrictions by the 22nd of April we’ll have 30 percent more patients in critical care compared to during the first wave.”

His concerns come as hospital staff in the region may have to begin triaging patients (ordering which patients get treated first) within the next two weeks.

Writing in a national Sunday newspaper, 41 health specialists said that they would have to choose between patients in order to save as many lives as possible.

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Last week France’s Health Minister Olivier Véran issued a warning to the French

The Health Minister said: “The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating almost everywhere in France.

“The pressure on the hospital system will continue to increase in the coming days.”

Véran said a minimum of 10 days was needed to see the scale of the impact of the new restrictions across France.

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