Energy-wasting habits that add to your bills – 'vital' changes to make for 'quick' savings


    Ignoring dripping taps

    A minor drip from your kitchen or bathroom tap may not seem like a big deal and is something many of us often get used to and ignore.

    However, Les warned that if even a small drip is left unresolved, it is quite literally “money down the drain”.

    He said: “Consider switching to a spray tap to reduce water usage.”

    Leaving your heating on all the time

    Leaving your central heating on a low setting all the time is often thought of as the cheapest way to heat your home.

    However, Les explained that this is not the case. He said: “Many homeowners waste money by heating unused rooms when people are out.

    “Setting a timer on your thermostat to start heating at certain times is much more cost effective.”


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