'EU will ruin us!' Frexit leader tears apart Brussels claims one by one

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The Frexit campaigner hit out at those who promise to reform the European Union from within, arguing it was “silly” to hope the bloc could ever change.

Mr Philippot also accused Brussels of systematically punishing those who “disobey” the rules by ruining them with harsh monetary policies in the eurozone.

He blasted: “Stay in a supranational structure and promise to disobey: a cynical lie.

“1. Those who made the coup betrayed: Tsipras, Salvini…

“2. It is untenable: you block the company by clutter of litigation

“3. It’s silly: why stay rather than be free?

“When said structure is the EU, ‘disobedience’ lasts as long as the ECB allows it before ruining your country via the euro.

“Or less than 48 hours. The Greeks remember it.

“It is not correct to knowingly lie to voters by making such false promises!”

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French analyst Nicolas Meilhan called it a “sad record” as he urged the French leader to make the issue his national priority.

He tweeted: “France has probably broken a sad European record: the worst trade deficit that a European state has ever recorded: -82.5 billion € in 2020.

“I really have a hard time understanding why the elimination of this record deficit is not THE national priority.”

The French President has also consistently been criticised over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Philippot has repeatedly called on the public to protest against the Government’s handling of the virus and possibility of a vaccine passport.

Earlier this year, he said: “All in Paris!

“Large demonstration in front of the Ministry of Health this Saturday 20/02 at 3pm against the diabolical Vaccine Passport!

“Complaining is good, going is better! Freedom!”

In other Twitter posts, the Frexit campaigner had also called on the public to “free themselves” of the “infamy” of the Government.

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