Every right to complain! Afghan refugee trolled for moaning about rations at US army base


    Hamed Ahmadi was one of the lucky few who managed to leave the war-torn country before Western forces withdrew and the Taliban took complete control. The 28-year-old freelance translator has since been transferred to America – where he is currently living at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas alongside an unknown number of other refugees.

    Mr Ahmadi, who also works as a writer and blogger, later shared the meagre rations dished out to refugees at the base for 12 hours.

    In Twitter posts, he showed a few pieces of chicken, a small amount of fruit, along with small slices of bread and cheese.

    “Not complaining but this is what I got last night for dinner and the next meal is 12 hours later,” he wrote.

    “Refugee life might be safe but never easy & favorable.”

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    “In the words of @RealBrysonGray ‘if you don’t like this country you can leave’.”

    A third said: “I’d be happy to pay for your ticket to go back…”

    Speaking to the Independent, Mr Ahmadi later insisted that his tweet was just describing the situation that many Afghan refugees are in.

    He said: “The point of that tweet was not … to be complaining, to be very critical.

    “I was just describing a situation of Afghan refugees that are in the situation that they never really wanted to be in.

    “I had a pretty good job back in Kabul. I had a decent life. I had my family.

    “I was forced to flee Afghanistan … if I had more space [on Twitter], I would have added more explanation – because I wanted to say that this is the refugee life.

    “And we need to be patient.”

    Thankfully Mr Ahmadi was not without his supporters – many of whom blasted critics for trolling a refugee.

    One wrote: “You have a right to complain.”

    Another said: “I’m so sorry about the a****les in your mentions demanding that you be grateful for so little. Part them no mind.

    “You have every right to complain. The richest nation in the world can and should do better.”


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