Experts share how air fryers work and if they are really healthy


    With the cost of living biting hard and energy bills going through the roof, households are scrambling for ways to save money.

    One way you can do this is by replacing your kitchen appliances with energy-saving devices like slow cookers and air fryers.

    Air fryer sales have boomed in recent times, with people amazed at how cheap they are to run while still being able to make their favourite dishes.

    Uswitch claims it costs around 12p to cook chicken in an oven, but it would cost about half that in an air fryer.

    Now experts have revealed all when it comes to air fryers, like how they work and whether they are healthy.

    Good Housekeeping explains that an air fryer is similar to an oven in the sense that it roast and bakes but it differs in that its heating elements are located only on top alongside a large, powerful fan.

    The machine gives food a fine, even coating of oil. This can crisp chips, for example, to perfection while using very little oil.

    Experts at Currys add: “If you’re cooking chips, for example, you only need about one tablespoon of oil for 1kg of sliced potatoes.”

    Those same experts say you would be amazed by what the air fryers can cook.

    They said: “From curries to tapas, there are so many things to cook in an air fryer with much less fat and oil.

    “Meat, fish, even desserts can all be cooked in this super-healthy way. Think coated chicken wings, salmon fillets with pesto, stir-fry prawns.”

    Currys said air fryers can also be a healthier option.

    They said: “Because air fryers use 80 per cent less oil to cook your food, that means a big reduction in fat intake.

    “A 300g portion of traditional deep-fried chips packs 37g of fat

    “A 300g portion of chips cooked in an air fryer contains just 9g of fat

    “And why stop at chips? You can air fry chopped up fruit and veg to make all kinds of healthy, nutritious snacks.”


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