Family targeted by man with 'explosive diarrhoea' for years outside home catch him on CCTV

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The family has been finding faeces outside their house up to “several times a week” in a distressing attack that has gone on for years. They have had no indication of who the phantom pooer is or why they they were using their home as a toilet, but recently decided to take the matter into their own hands by installing cameras.

Late last year, they spent £600 on a CCTV system to try and identify the culprit and finally report them to the police.

And last week the cameras managed to serve their purpose when they caught a man in the middle of public defecation on Tuesday morning.

Although the video does not confirm that the man was responsible for the other incidents, the family are confident that it was probably him.

Footage shows the man letting out explosive diarrhoea before using a sheet of toilet paper to wipe himself, proceeding to discard this on the floor when he was done.

The mother living at the home, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “You’ll wake up and there would be poo as you are leaving the house.

“Then you’ll see his token piece of toilet paper, it’s like a calling card.”

The family, based in Hove, East Sussex, said this has been an ongoing issue for two years as they often wake up to find liquid faeces in the alleyway behind their house.

The increased frequency of the poo has made them fear they are being deliberately targeted, resulting in them contacting the council’s environmental enforcers and Sussex Police for help.

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“Someone walked in it once, it’s just disgusting. This is very specific explosive diarrhoea.”

Pooing in public places is punishable by a £75 fine under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

A council spokesman said: “It is against the law to ‘urinate or defecate’ in public.

“As this incident occurred on private land, any clean-up would in the first instance be a matter for the landowner and the police.

“Our environmental enforcement team is available to advise the landowner, and has powers to investigate and enforce on their behalf when requested to do so.”

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