Forget your Kindle! There’s a cheaper way to get access to popular bestsellers from Amazon


    You can put your Kindle aside as Amazon has just launched a brilliant new deal on Audible. The popular audiobook service lets subscribers download and keep a book of their choice each month as well as unlimited access to a library of thousands of audiobooks and podcasts. An Audible membership usually costs £7.99 a month but right now the price of a subscription has been slashed to just £2.99.

    This promotional price – which offers a saving of 60 percent – is available on membership plans that run for four months. In total, the deal offers Audible fans a saving of £20.

    The Audible deal launched this week ahead of Prime Day and is running until December 18.

    To take advantage of this promotional offer you need to be a new customer – so you can’t already be enjoying a free Audible trial or a paid for member.

    The deal also won’t be available to people that have cancelled an Audible subscription within the last 12 months.

    If you do sign-up and claim this offer then you will be able to enjoy the many perks of an Audible subscription.

    Each month you’ll get one credit which lets you download and keep an audiobook of your choice forever – even after your Audible subscription ends.

    You will also get unlimited access to a library of thousands of Audible Originals, podcasts and audiobooks via the Audible Plus Catalogue.

    Popular picks on Audible at the moment include season 2 of From the Oasthouse: The Alan Patridge Podcast, Derren Brown’s Boot Camp For The Brain and The Sandman.

    An Audible subscription also offers members exclusive discounts.

    You can listen to Audible via a range of devices such as your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, on your laptop, via an Amazon Echo smart speaker, Amazon Fire tablet and through a compatible Kindle ereader.

    Besides this brilliant Audible deal Amazon is also running another promotion that book lovers need to be aware of.

    For a limited time only Amazon Prime subscribers can claim three months worth of access to Kindle Unlimited entirely for free.

    This deal – which offers a saving of almost £24 – is once again only open to new customers. But anyone that is eligible for the deal will get access to a library of over a million ebooks, along with magazines and thousands of books with Audible narration.

    Kindle Unlimited – and Kindle ebooks in general – can be accessed across a variety of devices. Of course, you can read Amazon ebooks on a Kindle ereader but you can also read it on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet via the official Kindle app and also on your laptop.

    If you like the sound of this deal though you need to be quick. This Kindle Unlimited three months free deal for Prime subscribers ends after October 12.


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