'Fueling the fire!' Graham Norton sparks Twitter fury over Rowling's 'transphobe' probe


    Graham Norton was criticised for having JK Rowling on his Virgin Radio show over allegations the Harry Potter series author is a transphobe. The former BBC One presenter, who is set to make a comeback, was questioned over his decision to invite Ms Rowling after she posted a series of questionable tweets. In his defence, Mr Norton said these issues should be open to dialogue instead of incendiary debates, noting however that the author was “fuelling the fire”.

    When asked if he thinks the author is a “transphobe”, Mr Norton told BBC Today: “Well, I think she’s certainly not making the situation better. 

    “I think she’s fuelling the fire. I don’t know what’s happened there. It’s like: here I am and you’re asking me about it again. So now, I’ll be linked to her again.

    “Her name is like beetle juice except you don’t need to say it three times. You just say it once and you unleash the hordes. 

    “And there’s hordes everywhere, every side, everyone who’s ever had an opinion wants to tell you your opinion is wrong.”

    Zeroing in on the fundamental issue, Mr Norton said “that so many issues are couched in terms of debate, and you’re for or against.

    “And yes, that’s true when it comes to a planning application but I think with lots of other things in life, that’s not it. 

    “It’s got to be a conversation, it’s got to be a dialogue, maybe a negotiation, maybe just a rambly road that get us all forward somewhere in the future. 

    “But if anyone’s success is only measured by somebody else’s failure, that doesn’t seem like a great place to be or a nice bit of society to live in.”

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