Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope: What's in store for YOUR sign today?

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A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow and the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly aligned with Earth in the middle. This only happens when there’s a Full Moon and tonight is a Sagittarius Blood Moon. Just as the Moon controls the tides, it controls our energy, vibrations and emotions as it moves through the phases – especially on a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Express.co.uk spoke to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope for every star sign.


If someone in your friendship group has been laying down the law, it may have gotten to you more than you realised.

This eclipse is going to bring you some wild dreams and insights that might make you change your perspective on a few matters.

If you feel like slowing down, resting and reflecting, that would be no bad thing!

You’re seeing everything from a fresh perspective and there is a lot to take in, Aries.


If your eyes are always on financial gain then Saturn’s recent Retrograde move might open the doors of your perception, serving as a reminder that there is more to life than climbing the career ladder.

Lucky Jupiter is in your 11th house, perhaps it’s time to let your hair down?

Financial gains could be winging their way to you as a reward for all your recent hard work.

But the overarching questions this eclipse raises is, what are you invested in?

Do you believe in it? Do you love it? Is it worth it?

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope: The Eclipse is in the sky around midday (Image: Getty)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope: The Sun, Moon and Earth are lined up (Image: Getty)


Your ruler Mercury is already in shadow and ready to create more carnage on May 30 when he stations direct, luckily for you, Venus is still in your sign and you’re good at handling life’s ups and downs with dexterity!

This is especially beneficial considering that the Eclipse is in your relationship sector.

Whatever you thought to be the case in a certain relationship dynamic may be proving itself to be incorrect, but you could be positively surprised if lucky Jupiter gets his way.


The Moon in Sagittarius is being eclipsed in the sector of your chart to do with health, habits and daily routines, including the pets you care for, foods you eat and so on.

When you’re feeling emotional, the cupboard can be the first place you look for comfort!

This eclipse is a wake-up call, reminding you there are bigger fish to fry, more people to love, higher connections to be made and a feeling of abundance that is found in experience and not ice cream and crisps! Do you feel it?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope: Use your Rising sign and Sun sign to read horoscopes (Image: Getty)


Your ruler the Sun is at his most regal, conjunct the North Node and Saturn is now commencing his retrograde trip through the zodiac for the next five months, taking the pressure off your relationships that may have felt the sting of criticism, limits and perhaps even a twinge of depression.

This eclipse is a reminder to have fun again.

It is also asking you to question what you believe to be true about your own individual limits, goals and personal fulfilment.

You either rate yourself too highly or not enough – that’s for you to decide!


Your ruler Mercury is already slowing down ready to retrograde on May 30, so get ready for lots of last-minute changes of arrangements.

Your work and home life could be full of diary clashes, crossed wires and an urgent need for flexibility.

The eclipse in your fourth house means your home life is up for some changes, have you considered living abroad?

Keen for a change? With Jupiter in your relationship sector, your partner may be a source of inspiration or overwhelm!

Bless the lessons and dive into love, there’s much to learn over the next month.

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Your ruler Venus is in changeable Gemini and leaves you open to debating and pondering some of the upcoming shifts that are ignited by the eclipse.

What you think and say is influenced largely by what you have always known to be true (the same goes for all of us!).

However, at this eclipse, with Saturn freshly retrograde in an air sign in your creativity sector and Jupiter in your sixth house, a change in diet, routine or job could trigger a cascade that makes you see the world differently, beyond what you thought was possible.

Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.


You’re getting used to change instigated by others, particularly those of you born in October.

This eclipse challenges your value system, it’s time to reconsider your investments and truly acknowledge what brings you joy and where you spend your time.

Any burdens and responsibilities that have been pressing on you may have reached a peak at the weekend but now that Saturn is Retrograde for the next five months. It’s time to reconsider what you want to build as the pressure eases off and you have time to think.

An emotional overload is likely with the Full Moon but as the song goes, ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’. These choppy waters are cleansing.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope: Make sure you do your rituals tonight (Image: Getty)


A lunar eclipse in your sign is a detox of outdated beliefs and prejudices.

Your ruler Jupiter is fresh in Pisces and amplifying your emotions with the promise of healing.

All eyes are on your relationship sector that is benefiting from a total reset: do you believe your relationships can be healed? Are your expectations of others realistic? Where is your home?

Sagittarius, when strong, is an energy that is full of faith, able to change and live amongst varied cultures and beliefs.

At worst, it cannot conceive that anyone would think differently to them.

This eclipse will FLUSH outdated beliefs and leave you free to live your truth, without dogma.


Your ruler has recently turned retrograde and this eclipse is in your 12th house of dreams, the subconscious and your unconscious beliefs, this is a pivotal time for you and you might completely change your values.

The next few weeks will see your understanding of health, routine, work, belief, values and attitudes to society shift completely as the changing waters of eclipse season bring more and more information to light.

An open mind and flexible attitude are essential as the foundations of everything you thought to be true continues to shake.


A scene changes as Jupiter has left your sign and Saturn is now retrograde, perhaps this is a welcome pause in the intensity of the last few months.

However, your ruler is gearing up for another battle with Saturn on June 14.

For now, you have an opportunity to explore your beliefs, paying close attention to your friendships.

It’s possible that even the most unconventional of you have slipped into groupthink, where the rebels are as uniform as the conformists.

Carrying the projections of your friendship groups is another possibility at this time.

Thinking for yourself and focusing on your health is the number one priority until Mars enters Leo on June 12.


Jupiter is in your sign and we are all having a Pisces party, and as a result it hasn’t stopped raining!

Confusion is our number one status quo but the wine is flowing, so all is not lost.

This eclipse is in your career zone in your chart. Are you standing up for your values, do you know what you believe or are the demands of your home and family too much to allow space for this?

As a water sign, your skill is in your intuition, emotions and the non-verbal communication that nourishes your gut instincts.

Trusting your “psychic” abilities will support you in discerning what is true and what has been warped. Lead from behind.

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