Fury as tourists told to 'go home' at popular UK beauty spot


    The unpleasant message, which has been etched on an entrance to the South West Coast Path near Looe, Cornwall, reads: “Tourists to go home” and “2nd home owners also”.

    It has divided opinion among both residents and tourists, reports Cornwall Live. 

    Lee Kershaw, a tourist who saw the message and shared photos online, said: “During my travels I came across this unpleasant piece of vandalism on one of the coastal path gates. Possibly not the best way to convey one’s opinion, by defacing local property.

    “I will add that I was made to feel welcome by all the locals (and other tourists) I met during my week in and about Looe. I had a few good chats during my travels and met some really great people.

    “This is just the action of a small-minded individual who was prepared to destroy part of their home to voice an opinion that nobody really cares about.”

    Others agreed with Lee and called the person responsible “absolutely disgusting” and “small-minded”.

    One comment on Facebook reads: “Tourists won’t be treated like trash.”

    Another says: “This is such a dreadful message.”

    The tourism industry has been hugely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

    Restrictions were only eased last month to finally allow overnight stays in Cornwall after a year of misery.

    But some residents have supported the suggestion that tourists should be banned, arguing the industry and second home ownership is actually harmful to the area.

    One comment reads: “I like it, freedom of speech from perhaps a local young person who is forced to live with there parents because they can’t rent anywhere local because it’s now all holiday rents at £2,000 a week.”  

    Another says: “Maybe they’ve lost tenancy because a landlord is selling their ‘investment’ home. I can quite understand the feelings of a lot of people not fortunate enough to even have a first home.”

    A third posted: “House prices have gone up to an unaffordable level. It’s driving locals out.”


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