Gardening expert explains why cooler weather could be ‘good news’ for your plants

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The weather this May has been wet and cool across many regions of the country which has wreaked havoc for both seasoned and amateur gardeners. For some parts of the UK, it has even been the wettest May on record. With summer on the way, it’s likely British gardeners will remain unperturbed by wet, cold weather as they prepare for house guests and BBQs.

In fact, data from digital app Readly recently revealed there has been a 104 percent increase in interest in their gardening section.

More Britons have also tried their hand at gardening with 65 percent saying they have potted plants or flowers this year, and 31 percent saying they have done garden landscaping.

But what does cooler weather mean for your garden?

Garden designer and panelist for Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time Chris Beardshaw has said cooler weather could be “good news” for your plants.

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“Plants that normally would be spaced out over weeks will be concertinaed into perhaps days between them all starting to come into flower.

“And, if the weather continues with this cool streak, the good news is the flowers will actually last longer.

“Pollinators have got a better chance of getting to things like your tomatoes, your roses will be in flower longer.

“We’ve had things like fritillaries in the garden at home in flower for nearly two months and normally they would be done and dusted in three weeks.”

He has previously appeared on Gardeners’ World alongside Monty Don and Rachel De Thame.

Readly is a digital subscription app that is a great source of inspiration for your garden.

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