Gardening expert's clever tip to keep flowers blooming for longer ‘They'll keep growing!'


    Some think summer is over when September hits but in fact, it’s a month which can provide lots of colour and interest in your garden. spoke exclusively to Daisy Payne, a self-confessed amateur gardener and allotment holder who has been presenting segments on ITV’s This Morning, about the best ways to ensure your garden is looking its best. Here are her top tips and the jobs you can do this month to improve your outside space.

    For Daisy, the upcoming months are her favourite and she explained why: “There is obviously something so wonderful about every season and when you sort of start to do a bit more gardening – even if it’s just in a window box for example – you do start to kind of connect more and more with what’s going on around you in nature. 

    “But I have to say, the colours of autumn, are probably my favourite. 

    “I do love summer and spring but that lovely time of year that we’re about to go into where things are starting to cool down, and you have to wear a coat when you’re outside. 

    “And the lovely reds of autumn, I just think there is, there is no better season, actually, it’s  probably my favourite.” 

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    For anyone looking to improve their outside space following weeks of summer flowers bursting into colour, Daisy said to not forget them. 

    “This month, if you’ve got hanging baskets and pots where you’ve got summer bedding in there, and which is obviously lovely and there’ll be so many different colours and different plants, keep them well fed, don’t give up on them,” she said. 

    “Keep watering them every couple of weeks with a tomato feed or a seaweed liquid feed that will keep them producing flowers for as long as possible. 

    “I think we’re going to have a bit of a heatwave so that’ll keep things nice and warm and they’ll keep growing. 

    “So keep maintaining them,” she reiterated. 

    As for the other jobs you can be doing this month, Daisy continued: “You can also start to plant up some more containers for autumn. 

    “So things like Cyclamen, Heather’s, they’re all lovely plants that we’ll see through the autumn months and so if you still want a bit of colour in your garden, you can pot those up. 

    “Other things that you can do, even if you haven’t got a garden, you just got a balcony or a window box you can plant out some herbs now. 

    “Make sure that they’re in a sunny spot if you can, and then you’ll have some lovely herbs to use over the winter.” 

    As for jobs around the garden, Daisy said: “Things like having a bit of a general tidy up is no bad thing. 

    “If things are a little bit overgrown you might want to start to tidy things up as, as things die back so that you’re in good shape, then the next year.” 

    Daisy is relatively new to gardening and describes herself as a “really passionate gal who wants to get loads more people like me into gardening because there’s so much to enjoy”. 

    As for how she got into it, she explained: “[It was about] five years ago, and I moved from London to the Cotswolds and said goodbye to the city, and the life there and I was actually was lucky enough to buy my first house. 

    “And it’s a new build house and it was very much presented with what is essentially a mud patch for a garden [and that’s how] I started to get into gardening because suddenly, you had to take this mud patch and make it look like a garden. 

    “So, I have over the last few years learned everything I know from that journey, so I’ve transformed what was the mud patch into now, what I like to think is a very cute, nice little garden.

    “I’ve learned loads along the way and in learning as I go and getting into it as a complete beginner, I started to share what I was doing on social [media], on Instagram. 

    “And it’s kind of gone from there really.” 

    You can follow Daisy on her Instagram page @gardentogarnish or check out her website here. 


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