Gardening: The Rich brothers' tips on bringing nature indoors – 'shower with your plant!'


    Harry and David Rich were born and raised in Aberhonddu, or Brecon, in south Wales. The brothers and landscaping experts are currently based just outside the rural village, enjoying being close to the flora and fauna the Welsh countryside has to offer. However, the brothers shared ways everyone can spend more time in – or with – nature, even if you live in a tiny flat in a city.

    David continued: “There are also plenty of things you can grow in the shade.

    “Some of the leafier herbs, things like parsley and basil, they’ll be happy with shade.”

    The brothers recommended investing in houseplants too.

    Harry said: “I think that’s [houseplants] a nice way of people being able to bring a bit of greenery, but also a but of atmosphere to a room. It softens the room.

    “And by grouping indoor plants together, you create a microclimate for them.”

    Some of the plants the landscapers advised buying, which don’t need much care or watering, were cheese plants and rubber plants.

    Harry said: “The classic Swiss cheese plant is an absolute solid. It doesn’t really need to be in that much light.

    “It just needs a little indirect light and it will put up with barely being watered.

    “There’s also a rubber plant, which needs a bit more light, but it can really tolerate not being watered. If you forget to water it its leaves will eventually start to drop so you can’t ignore that.”

    David added that aloe vera is another good plant to keep because you know “it’s doing well” if you touch its leaves or skin and “it’s plump”.

    Harry went on to say that Devil’s Ivy is another good option as it “barely needs water”, as well as geraniums.

    David said that if your plant looks “a bit sad and wilty, it can probably be revived with a good water”.

    He recommended: “A good trick with houseplants is to just put them in a body of water, so either a tub, a sink, or a bath, and let them sit in it for a while.

    “Also, a lot of these plants will be from tropical areas, or even from the dessert, and so they tend to have big floods of water and then periods of dry.

    “So it’s worth putting plants in the shower and giving their leaves a water, because you’ll get a lot of dust from indoors. If leaves get a lot of dust on them they’re not going to photosynthesise as well.”

    Harry agreed with his brother, saying: “I think people have to remember that these indoor plants like misty and damp conditions.

    “It’s about learning what plants you have, reading up about them, and understating their conditions a little bit more.”


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