Gas boiler warning: Almost half of Brits ‘turning a blind eye’ to boiler safety checks


    Data from a recent survey showed 54 percent of people revealed their reason for failing to have their boiler serviced was due to the expense. An annual service can detect any problems with a boiler, while proper maintenance reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

    A recent survey showed 40 percent of Britons failed to have an annual boiler service in the past 12 months, while 54 percent cited cost as the core reason for failing to book a service.

    The average cost of a boiler service is £80, which some homeowners deemed too much to fork out.

    Meanwhile, the figures revealed more than half of people aged between 18 and 29 failed to book an annual boiler service. While 25 percent of people aged 60 and over failed to have an annual boiler serviced.

    According to the research, 91 percent stated they would have their boiler serviced if the appliance suddenly stopped operating.

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    The data revealed only 32 percent of people would consider spending any remaining money from a property improvement budget on ensuring the safety of their boiler, with other household jobs, such as clearing gutters or painting a room, deemed more important.

    When carrying out home inspections to ensure a boiler is safe to use, only 35 percent of people stated they had conducted checks, while 53 percent of people failed to inspect the appliance or replace batteries in a smoke alarm.

    A concerning 63 percent admitted to failing to check or replace batteries on a carbon monoxide detector. 

    Darran Smith, Technical Manager at Alpha Heating Innovation, who conducted the survey, raised deep concern about the number of people who failed to understand the importance of gas boiler maintenance.

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    He said: “Our research shows a worrying number of homeowners in the UK are turning a blind eye when it comes to the safety of appliances in their home. 

    “Of particular concern to us is the number of people missing their annual boiler service.

    “While we all enjoy the comfort and convenience that boilers bring in our homes, we should also appreciate the importance of ensuring their proper maintenance and be aware of the risks of unsafe appliances.”

    Highlighting a gas boiler can experience problems due to the high level of usage, Mr Smith said: “Daily use of your household’s heating system can take its toll on the various components that make up your boiler. 

    “As such, making sure it is serviced annually is important so it can continue to function as intended.”

    Failing to have a gas boiler installed correctly could have serious consequences.

    Mr Smith explained: “A faulty or incorrectly fitted boiler can cause severe health problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning which, due to its odourless properties, can be a silent killer. Alternatively, you could also experience a gas leak without realising it, which in the most severe cases, can potentially cause a house fire.

    “One of the most important steps you can take to ensure gas safety in your property is to have your appliance regularly checked by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Although modern boilers are highly reliable; the better they are looked after, the better they will perform in the long term.”

     The warning signs signalling boiler problems 

    ·      Lazy yellow flame rather than crisp blue one

    ·      Pilot light that frequently blows out

    ·      Excessive condensation on windows

    ·      Unusual dark marks or staining around or on gas appliances

    Health problems that could indicate carbon monoxide poisoning:

    ·      Headaches

    ·      Dizziness

    ·      Nausea and vomiting

    ·      Tiredness and confusion

    ·      Stomach pain

    ·      Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

    ·      A fast and irregular heartbeat

    ·      Seizures

    From 2025, gas boilers will be banned from being installed in new-builds.


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