George, Charlotte and Louis fond of healthy breakfast made by Kate Middleton



    Attending the Earthshot Prize Awards last Sunday, Kate Middleton probably enjoyed the 100% vegetarian or vegan food served at the event. The Duchess’ eating routine has been reported on for years and contains a list of very healthy foods on top of Kate’s sporty lifestyle.

    When it comes to her three children, William’s spouse has introduced them from an early age to a diverse and healthy diet.

    When visiting London Early Years Foundation Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Pre-school in London in January 2020, the Duchess shared some insights into what her royal kids eat for breakfast.

    School manager Michelle Samuels told “She mentioned to the children that her own children enjoy apples and cereal in the morning, which sparked a conversation with the children about their own preference of fruits.”

    As she spoke to the pupils while serving them breakfast, the Duchess also convinced a child to be more adventurous and taste one of her favourite fruits.

    “She mentioned that she likes papaya to a child who was reluctant to try a piece of papaya.”

    “After this, the child tried some,” added Ms Samuels.

    When it comes to her own breakfast, the Duchess is known for enjoying a colourful smoothie.

    According to MailOnline, Kate likes to blend a combination of kale, spirulina (a type of algae), matcha (green tea leaves), spinach, romaine, cilantro (coriander leaves) and blueberries together for her healthy morning drink.

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    “It was amazing to see how down-to-earth the family were,” a witness told The Sun.

    “It would have been easy to miss them—and just assume they were any other family.

    “They were eating outside, I suppose because it was easier for the children.

    “There was no security around, just them chilling like any other family.

    “They had their pet dog, a spaniel, with them, and they were all laughing.”


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