'Getting creepy now!' Femi shames talkRADIO over unprovoked two minute barrage of insults


    During the segment that talkRADIO uploaded, Mike Graham, Emily Carver and Will Geddes bashed the Remainer despite failing to referencing his tweet and making few relevant political points, instead focussing on Femi’s age, debating style and background in European law.

    Femi tweeted the two-minute clip alongside Mariah Carey’s Obsessed song. 

    The Remainer captioned the tweet: “This is just getting creepy now.

    “@TalkRadio just uploaded 2 minutes of insults about me without showing the tweet they were calling me a plank for or making any logical argument against the politics of it.

    “Are you people OK? @Iromg @CarverEmily @willgeddes”.


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