Guy Verhofstadt sparks calls for Poland to leave EU: 'We don't need them!'


    The former Belgium Prime Minister, current MEP and frequent Brexit critic was commenting on the escalating row between the bloc and Warsaw over controversial legal reforms. The Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) has claimed a new disciplinary chamber set up at Poland’s Supreme Court as part of an overhaul of its judiciary “does not provide all the guarantees of impartiality and independence”.

    However, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal hit back, saying the interim orders issued by the CJEU were not compatible with the country’s constitution.

    Mr Verhofstadt posted: “Against the wishes of the vast majority of Polish people who want a future, the populist governing PiS party is determined to take out of the EU.

    “Will anyone act to stop them before it is too late?”

    However, rather than being alarmed by his warnings, plenty claimed the situation simply highlighted the EU’s shortcomings.

    William Black replied: “More cracks forming in the EU Guy?

    “I thought you lot were totally united?”

    Another quipped: “It’s fine Guy… they just need a good old fashioned dose of ‘More Europe’. That’s the remedy for situations like this.

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    Others suggested Mr Verhofstadt was correct to suggest Poland’s departure was only a matter of time.

    One said: “I am looking forward to seeing a Polexit!”

    A second added: “This is great news. Poland takes the highest donations from the EU. We don’t need Poland.”

    Another Twitter user sought to contrast Mr Verhofstadt’s remarks with the EU’s attitude towards the UK throughout the Brexit negotiations.

    They said: “Rule of Law, a bit rich coming from you? Who tried to thwart the British people’s democratic decision to leave the EU?

    “An act of parliament passed by our elected representatives? The Rule of Law?”

    Meanwhile, another poster suggested Poland would not be the only other country to leave, saying: “Looks like the EU is falling apart.

    “Ireland will be leaving soon too now that they are net contributor.”

    However, by no means did everyone disagree with Mr Verhofstadt.

    Paul Mayock said: “Hear hear well said and well pointed out……much the same duplicity used in taking the UK out of the EU.”

    And James Boag said: “Coming from Scotland, Do something, Do Anything to stop this madness, At least you can’t point to Boris and say, that went well didn’t it!”

    Separately, the European Union executive will announce a fresh legal case against Hungary – led by Viktor Orban – on Thursday over LGBT discrimination and also take steps over regions in Poland – led by Mateusz Morawiecki – which have declared themselves “LGBT-free zones”, understands.


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