Hair expert shares No1 hairstyle over 50s should have to look younger ‘It’s anti-ageing!’


    Hair is an integral part of how someone sees themselves and how they want others to see them. How someone wears their hair is also a reflection of their personality, but what if certain hairstyles added years to one’s real age? spoke to Nick Willis, Master Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons about the hairstyles that make someone look younger, as well as the best colours and tones to appear youthful. 

    Nick said: “We want to look and feel our best, and that includes looking and feeling our age, or maybe even younger! What we don’t want is hair that ages us!

    “I would say, primarily, that the wrong hair colour for your skin tone is the biggest mistake we make in terms of your hair ageing you. 

    “We can look washed out and tired with the wrong hair colour; as we age our complexion evolves and we tend to lose pigment, known as melanocytes, this can make us look less radiant if we are choosing the wrong hair tones. 

    “At Charles Worthington salons, I use a ‘Colour Fan’ – a colourful chart showing differing tones from cool to warm – to determine the tones in your skin, and in turn the ideal tones for your hair,” he explained. 

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    Older women with long, thin hair have often been advised to cut it short and add volume to take years off, but Nick “believes longer hair is anti-ageing”.

    “I would recommend that my client keeps their hair at a mid to long length; with the right shape and layering techniques, you will have movement and volume, both huge factors in looking and feeling younger! 

    “Shiny, healthy-looking hair makes you look younger,” he added. “Use repairing and moisturising treatments at home and ask your stylist which are the best restorative products for your hair type. I like to use Olaplex in my colour, this is an advanced re-bonding treatment which repairs your hair and adds a youthful shine.” 

    Nick also shared some of his do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting your hair done.

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    Don’t neglect your hair!

    Tangled and knotty hair leads to tears in the follicle which make your hair look frizzy and damaged.

    Don’t leave Dry Shampoo in your hair which can build up and tear your follicles.

    Don’t use heat without Heat Protection.


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