Harry and Meghan baby daughter Lilibet exempt from royal rule to affect brother Archie


    However, this piece of legislation was updated in 2013 to apply to just the first six royals in line to the throne.

    If Archie is sixth in line by the time he chooses to marry, then he will have to ask Prince Charles’s (who will then likely be king) permission to do so.

    Constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne explained: “Prior to the Succession of the Crown Act 2013 all descendants of George II, under the terms of the Royal Marriages Act 1772, unless the issue of a princess who had married into a foreign royal family, had to obtain the sovereign’s permission to marry in order to retain their rights in succession.

    “The 2013 Act sought to bring multiple pieces of outdated and discriminatory legislation relating to the monarchy up to date, and through this Act male primogeniture was abolished, allowing the firstborn child irrespective of gender to become heir apparent; the disqualification from inheriting the throne by marrying a Catholic was removed; and the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 was repealed, resulting in only the first six in line to the throne being required to obtain the sovereign’s permission.”


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