'Have you gone bonkers!' Australian ridicules Prince Harry for Archie's first words claim


    Australian Sky News presenter Alan Jones attacked Prince Harry for his new show with Oprah Winfrey discussing mental health. Mr Jones highlighted the Duke claimed his son Archie’s first words grandma Diana”. The news host laughed as he dismissed this claim and questioned whether Prince Harry was “bonkers”.

    Royal Expert Rupert Bell spoke to TalkRadio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer and discussed Prince Harry’s confessions regarding his mental health.

    He said: “I am not sure he can sell his mental health to make money for much longer, I think we are exhausted by it.

    “You are quite right, what he went through was horrendous but there are interviews that he did many times about how much support he got from his father and how they tried to help him.

    “So I think sometimes that he is being disingenuous and at times you have just got to say shut up now.”


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