Home security: 5 tips to keep your home safe

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There are around 816 home burglaries every day in the UK and many of these could have been prevented with a few simple steps. Express.co.uk chatted to Adrienne Sharkey Perves from home automation and security company Arlo to find out five ways you can protect yourself and your home from a break-in.

As restrictions continue to lift and the UK slowly returns to the office, hairdressers, restaurants and pubs, we leave behind the homes that have been carefully curated and invested in over the last year.

The investments we’ve made in our home comforts, including office spaces, outdoor bars and entertainment rooms make our homes more susceptible to burglary than ever.

Don’t worry, you can protect your home and belongings with confidence by following five tips from Arlo.

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Avoid commenting on your holiday plans on social media

We plaster intimate details about our lives all over social media these days, but this is a major security risk.

Adrienne said: “As tempting as it may be to share with your friends and family about an upcoming staycation or trip abroad, posting your whereabouts on social media can be an open invitation to burglars searching for vulnerable homes in your area.

“Highlighting that your home will be vacant for a prolonged period of time can put your property and prized possessions at risk, so hold off posting until you’re safely back in your property.

“For an extra layer of protection, asking a trusted friend or relative to collect the mail while you’re away to ensure there are no tell-tale signs that the home is empty.”

Never (ever!) hide a key near your home

Never leave a spare key anywhere near your home, this is a rookie error.

You might imagine that burglars carry heavy equipment to break in, but they mostly use what is offered to them such as gardening and maintenance tools or even keys that have foolishly been left out!

Adrienne said: “The stereotypical places such as under a plant pot or the doormat are where burglars will look first, and you don’t want to make it easier for them to enter!”

Think about what’s at risk outside your home, too

Thanks to an increase in online shopping there has been an increase in packages being stolen from outside of homes, according to Adrienne.

She said: “As you return to life outside your house it’s likely you won’t be around to receive all of your deliveries so having a way to see who and what is arriving is a smart option.

“A video doorbell that gives you a full picture of who is at the door and any parcels left on the ground means you know whether there is something at risk, while the 2-way audio feature in most video doorbells allows you to even give delivery drivers different instructions to ensure your parcel is placed somewhere safe.”

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