Homes Under the Hammer buyer renovates damp ridden house – boosting value by £69,000


    Homes Under the Hammer presenter Dion Dublin said: “So, I’m not too far away from Mansfield town centre, the train station is about a mile away, we’ve got a college and a hospital nearby as well, so the location is pretty good. I’m here to see a semi-detached house, three beds, had a guide price of £65,000 when it went to auction.”

    To the front of the home was the first reception room which was nice and spacious with plenty of natural light. There were signs of damp however, and the new owner would need to put new flooring down as well as paint the walls.

    Walking through to the rear of the home, there was a second reception room which Dion said was “massive”. He added: “I can see a bit of damp and mould around the window which would have to be sorted out.

    “Then you come down a step and you’re into the kitchen.” The kitchen needed a full refurb as well as new flooring and paint on the walls. 

    There was also a small room behind the kitchen, perfect for a utility room.

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    There was also a family bathroom which hadn’t been touched in a very long time.

    So, who was the lucky buyer? The new homeowner was Simon, who paid £101,000 for the home. He met Dion back at the home to share his plans on the new project.

    He said: “I want to create a little bit more light into the property because it is quite dingy..there will also be a new central heating system, complete decoration throughout, new windows, new doors.”

    Simon had a budget of up to £40,000 for a HMO home but less if he went down the family home route, he wanted to get the transformation done within six months.

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    Homes Under the Hammer revisited the home six months later to see the end result. Simon had replaced the roof, windows and doors as well as had plenty of external work completed.

    Inside, Simon went for a clean, modern look with contrasting walls and skirting boards. The layout largely remained the same, which meant Simon decided not to go down the HMO route.

    Upstairs, the old bathroom had been ripped out, with a new stylish one in its place. It had grey tiling on the floor and a crisp white suite. The bedrooms had also been redecorated along with a grey modern carpet on the floor.

    Martine Maxwell said the renovation was “impressive” seeing as it had so much damp and mould in the first place.

    Simon said: “The main cause of the damp was the window on the back bedroom. The problems with the roof and the guttering as well, which have all been replaced.”

    In the end, the property owner spent around £34,000 because of the extra guttering and roof work he had to carry out to make the home safe.

    A local estate agent visited the semi-detached home to share his opinions on how much it could be worth now.

    The expert said: “I think they’ve done a really good job on it. It’s bright and airy, decorated nicely throughout. If we were to market this property, we would market this property in the region of £170,000.”

    This means Simon has added a huge £69,000 in value to the home, however, he doesn’t plan on selling it anytime soon.


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