How to cook savoy cabbage


    Cabbage isn’t necessarily everyone’s favourite vegetable and, like Brussels sprouts, has a bad reputation. One of the reasons people tend to dislike cabbage is because it is easy to overcook. But when cooked right, the vegetable combines well with a range of dishes.

    How to cook Savoy cabbage

    Savoy cabbage has noticeably wrinkled leaves and differs from regular types in flavour.

    The savoy version is slightly milder, ideal for those who dislike the usual crop’s strong taste and smell.

    The recipe below from BBC Good Food walks people through creating a buttery savoy cabbage coupled with carrots.

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    Once drained, cooks need to return them to the hot pan and add the butter and cream.

    Put them in while seasoning with desired spices, salt or pepper.

    Then, add the nutmeg and stir until the sauce coats the vegetables.

    And with that, the dish is ready to serve immediately.


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