How to Extend the Youthfulness of Your Skin Without Injections: The Easiest Hacks

    Some age-related skin changes can be prevented or slowed without resorting to drastic measures. With proper skin care, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon less often or delay the need for injectable procedures. Here’s how to extend your youthfulness without beauty injections.

    Observe the Daily Schedule and Diet

    Bad habits, especially smoking, as well as sleep disturbances, illness, and stress can have a negative impact on the appearance of the skin.


    A good complexion depends on your daily regime. Chronic lack of sleep quickly returns a dull and earthy complexion, dark circles under the eyes. It’s better to go to bed no later than 12pm and sleep at least seven to nine hours, which means you should avoid playing on a PlayAmo login website or going out with your friends at 2 am and put such activities off till weekend. Scientists warn that it’s impossible to get enough sleep for two or three times, so it’s worth thinking about the organization of the day.


    Days of unloading improve digestion and strengthen the skin. A couple of times a week you can make a light dinner instead of the usual and go to bed with a feeling of light hunger. Don’t let popular diets fool you: many restrict your intake of skin-important substances. If you think you have a weight problem, consult a doctor.


    An active lifestyle takes care of the figure and rejuvenates the body, including the skin. Sports in the gym, running, cycling, skiing and even just regular walks are suitable.

    Choose a Specially Shaped Pillow

    Today it’s no secret that a healthy sleep is the key to preserving youth and beauty for many years. Besides a good quality mattress, this will help you choose the right pillow.


    Thus, the skin of the face isn’t deformed, even if you sleep in the same position for a long time. You can sleep on this pillow both on the side and on the back – the head and neck are supported in an anatomically correct position thanks to a special fixation zone.

    Watch the Humidity in the Air

    Don’t underestimate the effects of dry air on your skin. The human body consists of nearly 70% water. When we lose moisture, we feel tired, sleepy, and distracted. Severe dehydration can cause dizziness and hallucinations and lower blood pressure.


    Our skin feels no better in a dry environment – mucous membranes become dry and wrinkles appear. No moisturizer or balm is able to maintain the correct water balance of the epidermis if you are constantly in a room with cold, dry air.


    Beauty experts recommend a humidifier at home. It will help increase the humidity in your home and thus significantly reduce the loss of moisture from your skin.

    Massage Your Face Regularly

    One of the easiest ways to extend the youthfulness of your facial skin is through massage.


    It’s a preventive method of affecting the facial muscles. It’s important to know that facial massage only works if you do it on a regular basis.


    To maintain facial muscles in tone, it’s unnecessary to go to a beauty salon for an hour and a half massage – self-massage techniques are simple and available to everyone. Moreover, there are also gadgets for home facial massage, as well as hand massagers-rollers.


    By devoting 15 minutes a day to self facial massage, you can prevent the appearance of early wrinkles, relieve swelling, improve blood flow and start regenerative processes.

    Use a Sleep Mask

    A sleep mask protects your eyes from bright light, which promotes the production of melatonin, a circadian rhythm regulator or “sleep hormone. To make your sleep even stronger, we recommend using a sleep mask with a special weighting material.


    It creates a cooling effect and light pressure, relieving puffiness and eliminating the “bags” under the eyes. You can add a drop of essential oil of lavender or jasmine on such a mask. Its aroma will relax and soothe you before going to bed.


    Personal care isn’t only cosmetics and visits to the dermatologist but also the right lifestyle, diet and healthy sleep.

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