How to make an omelette – 3 easy omelette hacks


    Omelettes come in all different forms and some are more difficult than others to make, but the basic omelette we all know and love is very simple in theory. However, most of us still end up burning the egg and getting the omelette either stuck to the pan or deformed in shape. reveals how to make an omelette and three easy omelette hacks to ensure the process runs smoothly.


    If you struggle to flip or fold an omelette and like the inside of your omelette very well cooked, there’s a really easy hack.

    All you need to do is turn on the grill and make the omelette as usual with the toppings.

    Don’t fold the omelette, just put the pan on the grill with the door open and the handle outside of the grill.

    Leave it for a few minutes to cook what is going to be the inside of your omelette and then remove it and fold the omelette.

    Omelette sandwich

    You can make an omelette sandwich in a pan and it’s really simple and makes the folding process easier because the omelette is sturdier.

    Put the eggs in the pan as usual and then add two slices of bread to the pan with their crusts cut off.

    Once this has cooked, turn it over and start adding fillings to the other side of the bread.

    Fold the omelette in half, and there you have an omelette sandwich!


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