How to Make Sure a Friendship with a Man Stays Platonic

    Man Stays Platonic

    Don’t listen to the “men and women can’t be friends” nonsense your friends may be spouting. Not only can men and women be friends, but they can be great friends. The trick is to ensure things stay platonic, which is naturally easier said than done.

    And why exactly is it so complicated? Well, not only do many sugar daddies tend to err on the side of wanting to become romantically or sexually involved as it is, but eventual physical attraction on either side is always a possibility. It’s also not uncommon for the two people involved to go into things with different expectations.

    However, it’s important to understand that challenging is not the same thing as impossible. Here are some pointers to making sure your friendships stay simple, uncomplicated, and platonic.

    Be clear about your intentions

    And by that, we mean extremely clear – probably clearer than you really think you have to be – and be clear right from the get-go. Many issues that can arise between a platonic sugar daddy and a sugar baby only exist in the first place because neither person’s intentions were made clear enough soon enough.

    So definitely be clear. But don’t overemphasize the extent to which you’re not into him “that way”. You risk offending the guy, whether or not he would have been interested in taking things further, and that’s not something you want to do to anyone you genuinely like.

    Keep flirtation off the table

    Flirting is good, clean fun, and it’s definitely possible for men and women to enjoy flirting without it having to go anywhere. But it also has no place in a relationship that you want to keep strictly platonic. The minute you start flirting, all those boundaries you’ve worked so hard to set could well be out the window.

    Not flirting at all can be difficult if you’re a natural flirt at heart, but trust us when we say it’s a must. Train yourself to think more carefully about the things you say and how you say them. And if your friend attempts to flirt, make sexual jokes, or anything else along those lines, don’t be responsive to it.

    Don’t talk about relationships at first

    Naturally, one thing a pair of friends should be able to do with ease and comfort is talk about dating, relationships, and possibly even sex. But that’s really something you want to avoid if you truly want your new sugar daddy friend to think of your connection as strictly platonic. It can confuse him and make him wonder whether “just friends” is truly what you want.

    Your friendship may eventually transition to a place where there’s no question for either of you that you’re just friends and you can talk about whatever you want. But until then, it’s best to play it safe and keep any sort of dating talk off the table.

    Don’t be afraid to poke a little fun

    Again, it’s probably not best to tease a male friend right away, just in case he somehow gets the wrong idea. But friendships work best when the two people involved have a free and easy dynamic between them. Lots of joking, laughing, and good-natured fun-poking is great for maintaining that type of vibe with a platonic sugar daddy.

    If you spend much time hanging around your friend with any of his friends or casual acquaintances, try to get a feel for how they interact with each other. Then just jump in and join the fun. Act like one of the guys, and it’s easier for guys to see you as one of them, too.

    Bring something to the friendship

    Friends aren’t friends with one another for no reason. People befriend the people they do because of the personal qualities they bring to the table. Maybe your bestie is as important to you as she is because she’s an incredible listener who sticks by you through thick and thin, but you absolutely adore another friend for her sense of humor.

    Male-female relationships work the same way. After all, you probably want to be friends with this particular sugar daddy in the first place because he’s a blast to be around, right? Don’t be afraid to lean into the friendship a little and benefit his life with the qualities that make you awesome.

    Of course, sometimes friendships between men and women just don’t work out, so don’t take it too hard if any of your guy friends turn out not to be able to handle it. There will always be men out there who can’t appreciate a woman’s friendship and simply see that as a stepping stone toward a romantic or sexual relationship.

    If you find yourself dealing with such a sugar daddy, don’t sweat it, because that’s on him. Just move on and give your friendship to someone who deserves it and can appreciate it.

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