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How to manifest a relationship with the law of attraction ‘make a list’


Carolyne Bennett is a law of attraction teacher and a manifestation coach. She speaks with corporations and coaches clients on using the law of attraction to improve your life.

Carolyne, who teaches about the law of attraction on her Instagram account, has used it to turn her life around after dealing with money problems and a toxic upbringing.

Now she focuses on helping others to do the same, with the power of positive thinking and manifestation.

She told Express.co.uk: “I discovered the law of attraction in 2006.

“I was in such a bad place as a single mum, you know, barely a pint of milk in the fridge and money worries that kept me awake at night and was absolutely dire and I came across a double-page spread in a magazine on a book The Secret.

“From that day onwards, I was literally hooked, and it’s changed my life.”

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How to manifest a relationship

Make a list

Carolyne said: “Focus on what you want. Make a list of how you would like the person to be, their interests, and their hobbies.

“Then make a list of what you want to get from the relationship.

“Go through that same process, listing things such as, I want to be able to feel their warm hand and mine, I want to walk down the street and have beautiful candlelit dinners, cosy up in front of the fire.

“By doing this you are creating an internal environment or focusing on what you do want.”

Change your environment

The environment you live in can have a huge impact on your mindset, Carolyne says.

She explained: “The ladies I see most of the time I say, just show me your environment. A third of the law of attraction is your physical environment. One particular lady had pictures in her room, three pictures, all of single women.

“You’re constantly soaking up things in your environment all the time, so I said to her, ‘Believe it or not, those pictures are going to be impacting whether you’re going to meet someone or not. As an experiment, how would you feel about taking those down and putting a nice statue there with a couple embracing?’

“She did that. Two weeks later, the guy that she was so in love with and she couldn’t get back, he came back into her life. Now they’re in a proper full on relationship.

“It’s also about surrounding yourself with images and visuals that can really support the manifestation of that journey.”

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