'Humiliating!' Joe Biden becomes confused reading notes and mumbles incoherently – VIDEO


    US President Joe Biden appeared before the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to announce a doubling of funds for the agency to tackle extreme weather disasters. But footage from the briefing at FEMA headquarters saw the president add to his long list of gaffes as he appeared to get lost in his notes and continued to speak despite not making much sense. Watchers online ridiculed the president calling him “an embarrassment” as the accident-prone head of state continues to make public gaffes.

    Mr Biden’s statement was met with blank stares from FEMA officials as he attempted to hurdle through the speech. 

    While footage shows Mr Biden mumbling, it appeared as if the US president was trying to say 2020 was a tough year that FEMA could learn from. 

    He also appeared to thank FEMA for helping Americans through the pandemic and natural disasters last year. 

    Mr Biden seemed to also refer to the multitude of natural disasters which happened in America last year including multiple hurricanes and wildfires which caused billions of dollars worth of damages. 

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    The White House recorded 22 natural weather disasters in the US which caused over $100billion in damages. 

    But viewers were less than impressed with Mr Biden’s delivery and mocked the Democrat leader for his stumbling. 

    One commented: “What must the people sitting around that table be thinking? This is humiliating to America.”

    Another wrote: “The most difficult job in the universe, listening to him and act like you’re engaged.”

    A viewer also added: “Yeah, this is the guy that got more votes than anyone else.”

    Mr Biden announced a FEMA fund increase from $500million to $1billion to help the agency tackle natural disasters. 

    He also launched a new NASA initiative that would closely monitor how the climate is changing and the effects on communities. 


    During his appearance at the FEMA headquarters in Washington, Mr Biden was briefed about the upcoming hurricane season. 

    He remarked after the visit: “Now is the time to get ready for the busiest time of the year for disasters in America, hurricane season in the south and east, and the fire season out west.”

    Mr Biden has put climate change issues at the centre of his plans as he rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement upon entering office. 

    The US president is also seeking to cut America’s greenhouse emissions by half in 2030. 


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